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Grain and cereals in assortment
Grain and cereals in assortment
Packaging and consumables
Packaging and consumables

The Cereal Company ‘Uvelka’ is a recognized leader in the production of high-quality cereals and flakes for quick and easy preparation on the Russian market. Due to modern technologies, a powerful production base, constant quality control, and a well-functioning marketing system, the UVELKA has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaged cereals. The products of this brand are in demand and are an integral product in the diet of millions of Russians.

The Cereal Company ‘Uvelka’ is constantly expanding and updating the product range, therefore, new proposals for cooperation with suppliers are constantly being considered.

Supplier selection criteria:

  • quality of raw materials
  • the supplier's ability to comply with the terms of the contract to the extent of the corporate need
  • level of product quality from previous deliveries
  • strategic value of the supplier (one-time delivery, long-term relationship)
  • delivery conditions: delivery time means the time from the submission of the application to the date of shipment (delivery) and is assessed in relation to similar enterprises;
  • delivery time - hours underway
  • product price - the product price also includes the economic effect of payment terms and transportation costs
  • payment terms (according to the degree of attractiveness): deferred payment, post-paid, prepayment

Operating procedure with a new supplier:

  1. Supplier evaluation according to established criteria
  2. Preparation of a draft contract (collection of the necessary documentation)
  3. Coordination of the draft contract (coordination with the supplier of the terms of delivery and prices)
  4. Execution of the contract
  5. Registration of an application, indicating: product name, product code, unit of measure, quantity, price, delivery time, standard specification, brand, type, size, etc.
  6. Control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations of the enterprise and the supplier (control over compliance with the terms of payment and delivery), incoming control of the supplied products
  7. Analysis of the fulfillment of contractual obligations