About us

Uvelka is an industry leader, one of the largest producers of cereals with a 29-year history, which boldly uses the capabilities of modern technologies.

Judge for yourself: the Uvelka brand was one of the first to introduce boil-in-bag cereals to the market (back in the early 90s), introduced doy-pack packaging into production, developed and offered curly boil-in-bag pasta to customers (becoming the first not only in Russian, but, quite possibly, even on the world market), and quite recently surprised the market with a new product category - ready-made products in special packaging (sub-brand Dinner Express).

The Uvelka life hacker comes to the fore - a rational assistant full of ideas: lively, dynamic (quite in the spirit of the brand itself), it is ready to help in any situation. A small bird becomes the key character, symbolizing speed, speed, resourcefulness. It flutters from one sub-brand to another, but at the same time constantly changing. For example, in Dinner Express, where speed is at the forefront, you can see the bird with a timer. It transforms into a chef on boil-in-bag pasta talking about how to prepare a restaurant dish at home. On the main line, the bird lives in the logo, emphasizing the naturalness and high quality of the grain itself.