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Green Lentils

Lentil is a unique product — it's a low-calorie food with high nutrition value. Lentil is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and it has little fat — just a bit more than 1 % of its total composition. 
This kind of lentil is valued as a rich source of fiber.
Green lentils do not overcook and therefore are good for salads.

  • Nett weight: 500g
Name Nutritional value per 100g Caloric value
Protein Fat Carbohydrate Vitamins (mg) Minerals (mg)
B1 B2 PP β-carotene Na K Ca Mg P Fe
Wild Rice 24,0 1,5 43,5 0,5 0,21 1,8  0.03 55 672 83 80 390 11,8 284 kcal

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