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Each leader has his/her own story.

April 1992

The beginning of story of Uvelskaya cereal company: the construction of shop for buckwheat processing. The staff is 12 people.


The company has become the second in Russia that began to produce buckwheat in cooking bags. Consumers have highly appreciated the new product for convience and quickness in cooking. The new high-technology equipment was purchased due to the earned profit.


The sales territory is expanding. The products are appearing on shelves in the Urals, Siberia, the Far East, the Volga region. The number of staff members is actively increasing; the product range is changing. The production of weighted cereals is discontinued.


The company has launched the next new product – trade mark “Home-style side dishes”. The mixture of groats with vegetables, mushrooms, flavourings and spices packed in bags can be used as a separate dish or as garnish for meat or fish.


The compnay’s products were produced under the new trademark “Uvelka”. From this moment the brand background started.


The Company started production of cereal flakes “Uvelka”, healthy and good breakfast that is easy and convenient to cook for the whole family.


The industrial production of instant oatmeal porridge with fruit and berries in sachets was launched under the brand “Uvelka”.


A new shop for cereal flakes production was constructed. The product is made from whole grains by cutting and flatting. Thanks to short preparation time flakes help to save significantly time at kitchen.


The process of active brand promotion of “Uvelka” on the Russian Federation market was started. Two national advertising campaigns are carrying out. The brand awareness, consumer confidence in it and sales are growing.
The results of the conducted modernization are:
- re-equipment of flakes production and shop for mixing and dosing of ingredients,
- complete automation of packaging production,
-introduction of the system of bulk storage of grain,
-introduction of lean production technology, process optimization, elimination of losses, and that allowed to reduce production costs and cost of the product


“Uvelka” brand is widely known on the territory of the Russian Federation and 25 countries in the world. Within the territory of the Russian Federation it can be found in more than 96 thousand of outlets: super and hypermarkets of federal and regional retail, as well as in usual neighbourhood shops.
The large-scale research on consumer expectations and preferences on the market of groats and flakes was held during that year. As a result, the company:
has determined a new vision for itself, the mission, development strategy over the next 10 years and brand values;
has modernized the produvts and the range;
has changed the consumer package design of products and advertising communication on the consumer market.
During the first months of introduction of changes the significant growth of sales and consumer loyalty was noted.