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Corn groats

How can you easily cook a side dish without spending much time? 

Cook Uvelka corn groats in boil-in-bags. It is easy to cook groats in boil-in-bags — no sticking, no need to stand by the stove and stir, and a pan remains clean. 

Uvelka corn groats retain all their nutritional and healthy properties during manufacturing. Corn groats contain fiber, B, E, PP viitamins and vital amino acids. Corn groats do not cause allergic reactions, since they are gluten-free. Unique fats of corn groats contain up to 80% of fatty unsaturated acids that level blood cholesterol.

  • Ingredients: corn groats
  • Nett weight: 400g (5×80g)
  • Nutritional value. 100g of product contains: protein — 8.3%, fat — 1.2%, starch — 70.4%, fiber — 0.8%.
  • Caloric value — 337 kcal
  • Cooking time: 30 — 35 min.
  • Shelf life — 10 months, or 6 months for the Far East

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