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Buckwheat with mushrooms

Buckwheat is an excellent source of B vitamins and micronutrients. It improves your digestion, well-being and working capacity. Buckwheat is notable for its mildness, a fair number of micronutrients and vitamins. And fiber, which is contained in buckwheat, helps to remove harmful substances from your body.

Mushrooms, spices and vegetables enrich the dish with amino acids and vitamins, increase bioavailability and improve digestion thereby increasing health benefit of this product. Crumbly buckwheat with mushrooms has a delicate flavor and may be served as a main course.

  • Ingredients: "Extra" hulled buckwheat, organic dried mushrooms (champignons, parcinos), dried organic vegetables (spring onion - kurrat, onion, garlic), salt, species (ground black pepper, clove), glutamate
  • Nett weight: 300g (2×150g)
  • Nutritional value. 100g of product contains: protein — 12.5%, fat — 2.1%, carbohydrates — 72%
  • Caloric value — 351 kcal
  • Cooking time: 15 min.
  • Shelf life: 12 months

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