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About us

«Uvelka» today and tomorow

The company has been producing tasty and healthy cereal products that are easy in preparation for every day and provide families with good and healthy eating for more than 25 years.

The entreprise consists of manufacturing unit of:

- the system of bulk storage of grain,

- grain processing in cereals,

- production of flakes from grain,

- mixing and dosing of ingredients,

- packaging of products.

New «Uvelka»: why changes are neccessary?

The necessity of new “Uvelka” appearance was conditioned by stagnation of sales on the market of boil-in-bag cereals, by the market growth of cereal flakes and absence of sales growth on the market of packed cereals.

At the same time the general market situation is characterized by the drop in population’s income and that was decreasing clients’ confidence in future and leading to their behavioral change: they started to prefer cheaper products, buy less and more rarely and choose more consertvative range of goods on the whole.

Due to the constant strategic market monitoring it appeared that in the current situation the consumer communication of “Uvelka” had become out of date and it requires significant changes to meet the time and attract consumers. As a consequence, the company has undertaken large-scale work on the change of internal processes, brand on communication.

While responding to the new market requirements and challenge of time, the company has optimized its brand portfolio, price positioning and brand architecture.

The company is annually investing in modernization of production.

The high-technology equipment, absence of manual labor and fine tuning of robotics guarantee the high quality of “Uvelka” products.

At all production phases, beginning from purchase of grain to product supply to shelf, great attention is paid to the quality of finished product.

Production phases:

Selection of raw material suppliers according to the strict regulations of the company.

System monitoring of the received raw material:

  • Analysis of organoleptic properties;

  • Test for foreign matter and impurities;

  • Control of microbiological properties.

Purification and sorting of raw material according to colour at colour separator.

Two-phase purification from small and large impurities, hulling bran, beaten berries, husk.

Packing and retest of finished product according to the above-mentioned criteria.

For cereals production the company has developed its own quality standards that exceed the existing GOST (State Standard)

The entreprise is successfully working in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 standard “Food safety management systems”. This gives the following advantages:

  • Control system, based on the world-recognized principles;

  • Use of preventive management measures и cost minimization;

  • Documented safety of products;

  • The entreprise’s international expansion;

  • Absolute consumer confidence in the products;

  • High competitiveness.

New «Uvelka» is a strong, profit-making and competitive entreprise, high-technology leader of grain production in Russia.

The brand “Uvelka”

Nothing but grain!

«Uvelka» is a symbol of a contemporary woman who is reaching balance between her love to relatives and freedom of successful woman.

«Uvelka» is created for those who pay attention to the product quality and content, aim at eating healthy food, like to experiment and spend time in family circle.

Consumer need

«I want to be a successful modern woman who is able to realize oneself and at the same time pay attention to the family. The traditions, cordial relations of relatives and friends, my hasband and children are important for me. I want to give them the best, but I don’t always have enough time. I don’t like the appearing feeling of guilt. To make up lack of attention I'm ready to buy the best products that are offered in shops, but I can’t always afford them»

Brand’s response

«Uvelka» means the advanced technologies for your favourite dishes.

The best cereal products for every day that are easy to prepare.

Natural taste and flavor.

Good and healthy eating for the whole family.

“Uvelka” brand’s mission

We are developing the advanced technologies of grain selection, processing and preparation.

Our aim is to help every woman in her aspiration to be an ideal housekeeper.

Our products will bring the sense of lightness, freedom and calmness to her life.

Why “Uvelka”?

The modern production technologies guarantee solicitous attitude to the products and preservation of all useful properties in the structure of selected grain.

The proper processing and preparation of the product help to reach balance in simplicity, speed, taste and profit of prepared dishes.