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Red Lentils

Lentil is a unique product — it's a low-calorie food with high nutrition value. Lentil is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and it has little fat — just a bit more than 1 % of its total composition. Red lentils are notable for their high content of ferrum, and it is essential for people suffering from anaemia. Red lentils are rapidly overcooked and therefore are good for soups and purees.

  • Nett weight: 500g
Name Nutritional value per 100g Caloric value
Protein Fat Carbohydrate Vitamins (mg) Minerals (mg)
B1 B2 PP β-carotene Na K Ca Mg P Fe
Wild Rice 24,0 1,5 43,5 0,5 0,21 1,8  0.03 55 672 83 80 390 11,8 284 kcal

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