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Medium-Grain Rice

Medium-grain rice is ideal for cooking pilaf. Medium-grain rice is noted for its special properties: it is less sticky and crumbly than round-grain rice, and less hard and rigid that long-grain rice. Rice is very healthy for a human body as it does not only replenishes energy expenditures but also is an important source of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Medium-grain rice is good for serving with souce and is low in fat.
  • Nett weight: 500g
Name Nutritional value per 100g Caloric value
Protein Fat Carbohydrate Vitamins (mg) Minerals (mg)
B1 B2 PP β-carotene Na K Ca Mg P Fe
Wild Rice 7,0 1,0 71,1 0,08 0,04 1,6  
12 100 8 50 150 1,0 330 kcal

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