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Peeled barley

Peeled barley

How can you easily cook a side dish without spending much time? 

Cook Uvelka peeled barley in boil-in-bags. It is easy to cook groats in boil-in-bags — no sticking, no need to stand by the stove and stir, and a pan remains clean. 

Uvelka peeled barley retains all its nutritional properties during manufacturing. Peeled barley contains B, E, A, and В vitamins and complex carbohydrates. Barley improves your digestion, well-being and working capacity. Due to its high content of dietary fibers peeled barley is better digestible than other groats and does not increase blood sugar level. Peeled barley provides lasting feeling of fullness that facilitates excess weight loss.

  • Ingredients: peeled barley
  • Nett weight: 400g (5×80g)
  • Nutritional value. 100g of product contains: protein — 11%, fat — 1.3%, carbohydrates — 79.4%, starch — 65.2%.
  • Caloric value — 324 kcal
  • Cooking time: 20 min.
  • Shelf life — 15 months, or 9 months for the Far East

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