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Jasmine Rice

How can you easily cook a side dish without spending much time? 
Cook "Jasmine" rice in Uvelka boil-in-bags. It is easy to cook rice in boil-in-bags — no sticking, no need to stand by the stove and stir, and a pan remains clean. 
Uvelka "Jasmine" rice retains all its nutritional and healthy properties during manufacturing. 
Jasmine rice — aromatic white long-grain rice is grown in Thailand and widely used in Asian cuisines, especially in cuisine of South-Eastern Asia. This specific sort of rice has a delicate milk-like aroma and is ideal for cooking of exotic and spicy dishes specific to Asian cuisine. Jasmine rice does not contain gluten and is a hypoallergic and dietary product.
  • Nett weight: 400g (5 boil-in-bags x 80g).
Name Nutritional value per 100g Caloric value
Protein Fat Carbohydrate Vitamins (mg) Minerals (mg)
B1 B2 PP β-carotene Na K Ca Mg P Fe
Jasmine Rice 7,0 1,0 71,1 0,08 0,04 1,6  
12 100 8 50 150 1,0 330 kcal

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