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5 Cereals flakes

A combination of oat, wheat, barley, rye and millet flakes produced from sliced grain which gives you an energy boost and fuels the body for the whole day. 
Oat flakes contain polysaccharides which improve the condition of the GI tract. 
Wheat flakes contain polyunsaturated acids which increase elasticity of blood vessels.
Rye and barley flakes are rich with dietary fiber and pectin substances which help in removal of toxic substances from the body. 
Wheat flakes help increase the hemoglobin level in blood, since it contains a lot of iron.

  • Ingredients: oat, wheat, barley, rye and millet flakes
  • Nett weight: 350g
  • Nutritional value. Each 100 g of the product contains: proteins – 11%, fat – 2%, carbohydrates – 75%. 
  • Caloric value —1 510 kJ (360 kcal)
  • Cooking time: 5 min.
  • Shelf life: 12 months

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