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Easily cooked - You will enjoy!
Easily cooked - You will enjoy!


Our production

UvelkaTM cereals and grains are produced with state-of-the-art technologies that preserve all vitamins and minerals and ensure health benefits of the product.
Production cycle includes key and additional steps designed by our knowledgeable experts, such as: choice of raw product producers; preparation of raw products for processing; careful storage; grain processing into cereals and flakes using advanced technologies; packaging and distribution of finished products to customers.

Our production facilities include:

– buckwheat processing

– 'gray' grains production (millet, pearly barley, barley, wheat, lentils, peas)

– multigrain cereals production

– packing line with a certified microbiological lab

– silos for bulk storage of grain

All incoming raw products, packing and auxiliary materials undergo quality inspection. Quality is ensured by the company's certified lab which performs chemical and microbiological tests and has all necessary advanced equipment.
Our storage facilities are equipped with sensors enabling continuous monitoring of storage conditions (humidity, temperature) of raw products. Raw processing follows applicable standards and in many ways exceeds the standards. Our experts have been improving and streamlining the processing during many years. As a result, our processing preserves all properties of grains and ensures the right taste of the end product.
Uvelka has more stringent requirements than the industry's GOST standards. The company's quality management system was certified by GOST R ISO 9001:2008.
The company provides continuous training and certification of employees.
Compliance with production process, modern technologies and advanced analysis tools ensure uncompromising quality of UvelkaTM cereals and grains.



Собственная микробиологическая лаборатория с лицензией Министерства Здравоохранения РФ

Internal microbiological laboratory certified by the Russian Ministry of Health

Собственные стандарты качества выше ГОСТов

Company standards exceed industry’s GOSTs

Работа по международному стандарту системы менеджмента качества ГОСТ Р ИСО 2009

GOST R ISO 2009 quality management system

Гарантия отлаженного техпроцесса

Optimized and robust manufacturing process

Лабораторные замеры на соответствие продукции стандартам по качеству на всех этапах производства

Lab tests assure quality on all stages of manufacturing